Cue the training montages…

So, i’ve started my training.

In case you haven’t read the previous posts, i’m due to run in the Great Gorilla Run on September 26th and although it’s only 7km, i have to do it in full Gorilla outfit. So i need to get training a little.

Rocky Marciano skipping in training

Anyway. The last couple of days i’ve been getting back into my skipping. I’ve been doing it in 20 minute stints (6mins, 1min break, 6mins, 1 min break and then finishing with 8mins). Say what you will about skipping/jumping rope, it provides for a great overall work out and because my rope is weighted, it makes it that bit harder.

In preparation for wearing a gorilla outfit, i’ve been wearing hoodies etc to help get used to the kind of heat. Obviously i’ll be going out on a few runs very soon and will also be training in the gorilla outfit (when it gets delivered), so please, if you see a gorilla running round a park in Earlsfield, don’t be alarmed, it’s probably just me…probably.

I’m going on the sponsorship offensive very soon again, so be warned, i may well be dropping you a quick email/tweet/text to ask you to be so kind and donate some money …or you could skip the middle part and donate right HERE! Thanks

In the mean time, i’m looking to put together a good “training playlist”, which will also double up as my actually running playlist for the run. If you’ve got any particular suggestions (here’s what i’ve put together on Spotify so far) or any advice on the best way to structure such a playlist, it would be gratefully received 🙂




~ by Neil on August 24, 2009.

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