The Great Gorilla Run

So i signed up for The Great Gorilla Run today……I’ve never really done any long distance running before, but i reckon i’m in reasonable shape and i think i wanted something to focus on.

I’ve always thought about doing a charity run of sorts and i reckon this is a good starting point and here’s why:

1) It’s 7km – so nothing too mental to start with. It works out at about 4 miles.

2) Everyone runs dressed as a gorilla –  It’s not taking itself too seriously

3) I bloody love those gorillas – So any chance to raise a bit of money to help them out and get them some ‘narrnas is ok with me.

4) I get to keep the gorilla suit afterwards -Yep not only do i get to do something good for an endangered species, i also get a gorilla outfit for doing it! Brilliant!

Of course as with any charity run, i need to raise some sponsorship. My minimum target is £400. Not a lot to be honest, but if the 1000 people running each raise the minimum, it means that those furry little things get around £400,000.

So please if you think you can give even just a couple of quid, please check out my donations page. Any money you might be able to give will all help and i’d be extremely grateful.

Like i said, i haven’t really done any distance/charity runs before, so i’m intrigued to find out how i’ll do. I’m going to try and keep this updated with my progress and any training i decide to do….. i really should probably start going for a couple of runs i guess.

Here's a map of the route

Please, please check out my donation page and give whatever you can. I’m going to customise my gorilla suit so i’m open to ideas.

It’s time to cue that Rocky montage music and get myself into training!


~ by Neil on July 27, 2009.

One Response to “The Great Gorilla Run”

  1. Neil

    I did the Gorilla run for my 30th birthday, 6 years ago (shit!)

    It was brilliant fun – the atmosphere before the run kicks off is amazing and the effort some people go to with the costumes is incredible. I’d done very little running before then myself but carried on with it til today, so I’d say it did me good long term too. Oh, and keeping the suit was a *serious* incentive (only threw it out last year after endlessly recycling it at fancy dress parties –

    *Definitely* do some practice runs in the suit before the big day – it’s really hot, you sweat like a river and I found I needed to cut out some of the mouth area so I could breathe. Plus you need to get used to people pointing and laughing 😉

    Have fun!


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