McG…I’m not angry….just disappointed

McG This is McG. It’s a silly name i know, but lets not judge him on that. He’s a producer/director in glamourous, glorious Hollywood.

His name had come up a couple of times in my life while watching tv. He’s a producer on a few shows i’ve seen before. Nothing really hard hitting and engrossing like perhaps The Wire or The Sopranos. He seems to be on the other side of the coin. The fluffy, pop culture side. TV you don’t really need to think about or anything that really challenges you. You just seem to absorb it by osmosis or something.

He did direct Charlie’s Angels and Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle. Which is where the franchise ended. The film made enough the first time round so Hollywood does as Hollywood does and commissioned a sequel. Sigh.

Anyway. Fast forward six years, a film, a tv series and a music video collection and McG is unveiling Terminator: Salvation. A film i have literally been praying for since i heard McG was going to be at the helm. Don’t get me wrong, James Cameron is a hard act to try and measure against. After all, the Director of Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines Jonathan Mostow, hasn’t had a film come out since. There could be a number of reasons for this, but lets just go with the fact that T3 was terrible.

For me, things for Terminator Salvation got brighter when Christian Bale came on board. Although i thought at the time, “how the fuck did McG get Bale to come onboard??”. My only thought is that Bale must have a slice of the revenue. That or he thought, “Yeh lets go blow some shit up for 18 months, i don’t want to be known as Batman for the rest of my life”. To me Christian, i think you’ll always be Patrick Bateman.


Well….the initial reviews have started coming out for Terminator Salvation and i’m sorry to say, it don’t look pretty.

34% on Rotten Tomatoes?……OUCH.

Paul Carr from The Guardian has perhaps come up with one of my favourite reviews so far.

I will probably end up going to see it, being the cat with an eternal death wish. It also looks like i’ll be coming home and watching T1 and T2 straight afterwards to help ease the pain.


Yes good news to follow the doom and gloom that Terminator Salvation looks to be bringing. It seems that Ghostbusters 3 “may start filming in the winter” according to the LA Times, with the original cast!! Fantastic! Yes they’re all a bit older and Bill Murray is probably still a bit of a dick, funny though he is.

So with all that in mind AND the video game coming out soon, what could possibly go wrong??………….


I’ve actually watched Terminator: Salvation now, and can safely say that as i was expecting ABSOLUTELY nothing from this film, it wasn’t too bad. Don’t get me wrong it was bad, the line recycling from previous films, the acting, the story, the ending – oh dear God the ending…..but…to be honest it was passable, it was ok, it was….meeh. It was things that a Terminator film shouldn’t be, but i’m afraid that as time passes there’ll be more bad Terminator films than good ones.



~ by Neil on May 21, 2009.

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