The end is nigh……just look at all the red on the tv.

The death of the economy, the decline of capitalism…..recession….depression…..Jeeeez. Everyone, just lighten up a bit ok?! Yes the stocks are down, but you have to wonder how much of this is due to the media?

tsk tsk tsk...look at all that red.

Every financial office in every major city in the world, now has a tv in reception with either, Bloomberg, Reuters or Heaven forbid, Fox News on. The media has been whipping everyone up into a panic. Big red numbers, plunging graphs, expert opinion after expert opinion. Soon they’ll run out of experts and they’ll be interviewing people off the street….and then it’ll be the animal kingdom’s turn to pass comment.

I really do wonder what difference it would make if everyone just turned off their tv during work hours. Pay no attention to news websites. Go about your job with little outside influence as possible.

In my honest opinion. One of the reasons we’re seeing a global knock on effect from those two US mortgage companies starting this whole shebang off, is the fact that media is a global business now. People will of course disagree and i know that the financial situation is serious. But to be honest, i still see people going out to lunch in restaurants, people packing the pubs of an evening. Seems to me the high street is doing pretty well.

Surely it’s worth a try isn’t it? Please, just for one week, pay no attention to the news on tv. It’s their job to get more viewers, so the more controversial the better. Massive crisis logos, flashing text, the world goes mad.

Ignore it, turn it off. Put on a Monty Python dvd if you’re going to have something on.

A crude graph by yours truely

A crude graph by yours truely


~ by Neil on October 24, 2008.

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